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    Website Design

    Through our five step process we're able to assess your business needs and find the right CMS and Plugin solutions to help you sell more products, reach a larger audience, or simply establish your business online at a domain you completely control.


    Mobile Apps

    Meeting your customers where they are is important, we offer a variety of solutions for mobile apps. Primarily working with Xcode and Swift to create applications for IOS app store.


    Content Creation

    Every good website or app starts with great content, we complete the circle by offering 4K resolution at all the traditional formats you expect, Drone Photo / Video, Stabilized Video, DSLR Photography.

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    Print Marketing

    Depending on the market segment the business is targeting Print Marketing might be the right solution to bring new customers back to the website. We can design and print a variety of solutions including; business cards, mailers, flyers, stickers, sign-up sheets.


    SEO / Digital Marketing

    Once we've helped to establish your website online with a strong website or app, Through SEO and Digital marketing we give your customers the opportunity to find out about your business through search engines and email campaigns.


    Zapier Automation

    managing a CMS, Payment Vendors, Banks, CRM and others you can start to feel overwhelming with the data entry of the business. Though Zapier we can automate some of the routine / repeatable tasks and get you back to doing what you do best.

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Food Armor

Content Creation / SEO / Digital Marketing

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10,000 Hour Theory

Success in any field, is simply a matter of practicing a specific task that can be accomplished with 20 hours of work a week for 10 years.

Mastery Level Skill 10000- Hours
HTML / CSS 9050- Hours
Website Development / CMS Customization 8844- Hours
Content Creation / Photos / Video / 3D Modeling 8743- Hours
App Development / Swift / Xcode 3432- Hours
Disc Golf 5343- Hours

About Me

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Experience: A sharp young professional with experience working as a founder at multiple startup ventures,  A quick learner with an eye for detail. Now seeking to contribute my ambition and skills to help others.

Education: I’m currently pursuing a bachelors degree from Ferris State university in Computer Information Systems major with a minor in business. I enjoy the strong programming core but also the ability to take a variety of classes in business and law.

Goals:  I’m committed to empowering individuals and organizations with technology solutions that fit their needs and grow in a positive direction.